Diana Popovici interview


– Hello!

– Hello!

– Would you agree to take part in a study about families split by contemporary migration?

– Certainly.

– What’s your name?

– My name is Popovici Ioana Diana and I’m 18 years old.

– Glad to have you with us. Who migrated from your family?

– My parents. Both my mom and my dad have left.

– Both of them. Since when?

– Ten years ago. Since 2006.

– And who do you live with?

– My grandparents.

– They have power of attorney.

– Yes.

– So legal guardians. Any siblings?

– No, I’m an only child.

– And what do you parents do?

– My mother’s a maid and my father’s a construction worker.

– In what town?

– In Rome.

– How often do they come back home?

– About twice a year, in the summer and for the winter holidays.

– And how do you keep in touch with them?

– Through social networks – facebook, skype, phone also.

– How often?

– We speak every day.

– What are the best memories with your parents?

– For example when I was in Italy and spent the summer with them.

– When was this?

– Last year.

– So last year you went to Rome. And you liked it because you were with them. They were on vacation and they could take care of you.

– Yes.

– So what did you do, what did you see?

– We saw all of Rome, we went to the Vatican, the seaside..

– How long were you in Italy?

– Three months.

– Three months – so the entire summer. Do your parents own a place or do they rent?

– They rent.

– And are they content? Do they wanna come home? What do you know?

– They want me to join them once I graduate.

– But do you want to?

– I’d like them to come home.

– So what do you think is going to happen?

– I think they’ll return eventually.

– So you hope that. I understand. Why don’t you want to go to Italy?

– I don’t like it. I like being in my own country and speaking Romanian.

– But you learned Italian?

– No.

– Didn’t manage to?

– No.

– Look, your colleague can help you learn Italian. I thank you and I hope you get to see your parents soon. Did they say they’re coming home for Christmas?

– It’s possible, or maybe for New Year’s, I don’t know for sure.

– And how long will they be home?

– One week tops, then they need to get back to work.

– Alright. Thank you and I hope we’ll all see each other soon.

– Thank you.