Teatro dei Venti

Teatro dei Venti was born in 2005 as an acting company. It carries out its activity in four different, but related, fields: performances production, planningof socio-cultural projects, training activities and organization of theatre events. The company’s work is based on the research of means of expression that enable theatre to become a tool for social change. It is responsible for the organization of a Festival in the framework of the project Trasparenze, for which it is funded by the Italian Ministry of Cultural Heritage. This festival is growing year after year and hosts artists from all over Italy and Europe; since 4 years till now, it presents shows in theatres, outdoor venues, public spaces of the city and in the district prison “Casa Circondariale” in Modena, where it runs performances for prisoners and the general public, with national guests. Teatro dei Venti is also supported by Emilia-Romagna Region in compliance with Law 13/99; it has won the FUNDER 35 call for proposals with its project Urban Theatre Experience. Since 2014, it manages the Teatro dei Segni (Theatre of Signs) in collaboration with the Municipality of Modena.

Artistic background In the artistic field, Teatro dei Venti (TDV) produces and disseminates theatre performances, street performances and shows for children and young adults. The production of performances is based on the work done by a group for creative research, a “laboratory” for actors aimed to experiment ways of donating the expected effect to the public. A physical place where individuals meet daily to confront and overcome the difficulties of their profession. The research is focused on the achievement of an expressive language that does not paralyze the audience, rather it gives the possibility to become witnesses of a magic happening, of something unique and unrepeatable, of a simple and sincere action.

In theatres or streets, on the stage, in the squares and in spaces of daily life, TDV’s performances tend to create “other” places where actors and audience can share the unique experience of the staging.  The repertory of TDV is continuously changing and is very much influenced by its projects in the socio-cultural sphere, which constitute the strongest and most fruitful link with the Contemporary.