Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies

Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies is a Non- profit, Research theatre Organisation run by a board of acclaimed people in the Arts & Education. Head of the board is Mr. Nicholas Kamtsis who is a professional Theatre writer & Director for the last 35 years.
The Centre specialises in:

  • Research experimental and unique performances with professional actors, as well as amateurs and volunteers.
  • Implement many EU –Culture, Creative Europe, Socrates, Minerva, Leonardo projects on various topics.
  • The Centre organizes unique projects and activities in factories and other work places with the employees and their families.
  • In relation with unions and social groups the centre educating Adults and young people in Theatre Studies, storytelling and creative writings, Stage & Costume design & Fine Arts, acting etc.
  • Adult Education and Training for Teachers and Pedagogues in the use of Arts & Theatre as a Creative Learning method with the use of the New Information & Communication Technologies.
  • Research and collection of material concerning the History of the Theatre & Costume There exists important material in books, video- tapes, photos and magazinesnewspapers.
  • Research upon the History of the European Popular Theatre Forms : Marionettes, large –scale puppets, masks and shadow- theatre elements.

The Centre has significant teaching experience in the Arts, Theatre and Cultural studies. Its philosophy is to practice with open and distant learning methods and to take advantage of the new forms of ICTs to eliminate distance barriers. Therefore, bringing different European Cultures together has as a result to enrich the traditional teaching & learning practices. The Centre of Higher Education in Theatre Studies has significant experience in the relation between Arts, Theatre and Education. Furthermore, the Centre has directed seminars and Lectures in many European countries concerning the Greek Theatre, Acting in ancient tragedies and the ancient Greek mask (construction & animation).

The center has conducted many seminars and workshops in Greece for adults and young people. Teachers and pedagogues seeking new ways and approaches for teaching their everyday lessons were very interested to join these classes.
The subjects of these seminars for adults (including teachers) and young people are :

  • Acting
  • Mask & Puppets animation
  • Construction of Mask & Puppets (also for small children)
  • Theatre Stage & Costume design
  • Hat making & Textile dyeing (also for small children)
  • Storytelling, how to create an original story and present it
  • Creative writing, writing for the stage.
  • Creative Learning for Teachers & Pedagogues ( how to approach lessons and themes in a different way using the Theatre and the Arts).