FAIDRA Project concerns the personal stories of ordinary European families that experienced immigration in different  periods of their country’s recent history. These stories  became the  material for a performance, in the genre of documentary theatre.


Highlighting the unofficial recent history of the European Union we put on stage the immigration that took place within Europe at the end of 20th century

Faidra project

The exhibition


The Transnational Mobility

The FAIDRA project addresses the transnational mobility priority through a cross border mobility strategy, which brought together artists and other cultural operators from 6 different countries. As a result, we  co-produced a performance and implemented several other events; The transnational team implementing the FAIDRA project is dedicated to

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Audience Development

The project met this priority by building the audience dimension in every activity and by encouraging audience participation and interaction during the project activities. The project employed an audience development strategy and a plan to implement this strategy, which assigned specific roles and tasks to the partners,

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Training and Education

The project supported this priority by including in the work plan education and training activities, addressing different target groups, with different objectives. In particular, the project supported 6 training seminars, that were delivered in 6 different EU counties, addressing young actors and other related theater professionals,

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