Alexandra Gherasim-An interview

– Hello. Would you agree to take part in a study about families split by contemporary migration?
– Yes, I agree.
– What’s your name?
– Gherasim Alexandra
– And how old are you?
– I’m 18.- Who left from your family?
– My mother.
– Since when?
– Six years.
– And who takes care of you, who stayed behind?
– My father.
– Do you have any siblings?
– I have a 24 years old brother.
– Does he live with you?
– He used to, but he also left the country.
– Where? Did he join your mother or did he go some place else?
– Somewhere else. He went to England.
– And your mother is where?
– Italy.
– Where exactly in Italy?
– I don’t know, I don’t know the city.
– Is it in the South, is it in Central Italy?
– Central..
– Rome area, Perugia?
– Perugia.
– I got it, so in Umbria. What does your mother do there?
– She takes care of an elderly lady.
– Does she switch jobs often?
– No, she’s been doing the same job.
– I see…so I take it she lives with this lady?
– Yes, when she’s there she lives with her but she also comes here to visit.
– How often?
– Usually she works for about 7-8 months every year, then comes home for 3-4 months.
– When’s the last time she came back?
– Two months ago, she’s here now.
– And when is she leaving again?
– I’m not sure.
– So she’s going to leave but there’s no set date. Can you tell us about a difficult moment from this period?
– I think it was in the beginning, when I was younger and wasn’t used to it. We were pretty close when she was home and I missed her.
– What about a happy moment, one you like recalling?
– When she’s home.
– So you’re happy when she’s home.
– Yes.
– How do you keep in touch when she’s away?
– By phone, I talk to her very often.
– Have you been to Italy?
– No.
– But do you want to?
– Not necessarily.
– Thank you very much for the information.