Building The Performance

The partners followed a unique method through working meeting, to present their draft single act plays and merge them together in one single play. The responsibilities were divided among the partners:

Text, Music, Movement, Video components, Settings, Props, Direction

The final version of the play had the form of a “modular play”, consisting of 3-4 acts that all merge together in a concluding act. Music, movement, settings, video, and  overall direction were created horizontally and provided a common background for all the different acts.
The FAIDRA play was based on an “articulated” scenario, which was consisted of 3 acts – based on the blueprints inspired by the experiential workshops and created by the 3 pairs of partners under Activities 3, 4 and 5. The “bridging elements” for the synthesis of the 3 scenarios in a single play were proposed by the Centre of Higher education in theater Studies and worked through with the other partners, when all three scenarios were placed together.
The scenario was finalized by the Center of Higher education in theater Studies after the workshop, it was written in English and translated in all partners’ languages.

Passport: Zeleniya buton                                                        Passport: Ενα πράσινο κουμπί
Rematia  Chalandriou, June 3,4 – 9.30 pm (κρατήσεις 2108656004)