The European Education and Culture Centre “ARTEMIS” is a non-governmental organization whose members have expertise in educational and cultural areas. The members of the organization are professional actors, drama teachers, dance and choreography teachers etc. that were and still are involved in projects like Leonardo da Vinci, Socrates, Comenius, Phare, Youth in Action, etc.
Artemis, from her foundation in 2005 at Iasi, Romania, is an organization that undergoes projects with objectives like:
– Social and cultural integration and the betterment of the cultural education of minorities, the disabled, young people with special needs, emigrants etc.
– Promotes and encourages youth organizations
– Promotes the study of foreign languages
– Cultural exchanges for young people
– Fighting against human traffic and the recovery of the victims, their reintegration in society through artistic, cultural activities (theatre, dance, music etc.)

Our staff participated in European projects that have expertise (both in Romania and abroad) in several areas: theatre, dance, choreography, music, dumb show, etc. They participated to numerous international festivals where they were awarded important prizes. They also worked for projects concerning the therapy through theatre, the reinstatement of the disabled, orphans, minorities etc.