athensdecmeeting3“…I left my children behind … They grew up without my presence only because I thought I could find a better future here in Greece… But most people in Bulgaria they made it. And I think I regret that I came here and left them alone. Because they ‘ve been through too much stuff…”

“…At first It was very difficult here in Greece. We left everything behind to make money and send them to our families. I t was difficult here in Greece and the worst thing is that today I feel like I don’t belong anywhere! My home is not Bulgaria anymore and Greece never became my home. I don’t know where I belong. I feel strange here and when I go to Bulgaria to see my family I feel strange there too…”

“… It doesn’t matter what our stories are about. The only thing that matters is the whole humanity. People all around the earth are seeking for a better future. But, in my opinion, the most important thing is to be and live with the people you love. That’s the best place in the world… Our children see us like a fountain of money. A friend of mine sent less money this month to her son and now he is not speaking to her. He even deleted her from facebook! They didn’t even work, they waited for the money!… Our parents judge us. And we all feel remorse that we are here. So, where is the better future that I was looking for? …”

transcription by Anta Kougia