athensdecmeeting2“I came in Greece legally. I had my VISA because my husband is Greek. My first job was in Zakynthos. I worked there for 6 months and then I went back to Bulgaria to have my new VISA. But I had to return immediately in Zakynthos. I start my trip back to Greece but the train was delayed because of a river overflow. After 5 hours delay and a lots of efforts I arrived in Athens but I lost the last bus for Zakynthos. I had no money to stay in a hotel so I went to a parking and I asked their permission to stay for the night there. But they told that they would close for the night so I had to stay with my luggage outside of the bus station till 6 o’clock in the morning. It was night, I was frightened. Nobody around me. All the people went to their houses. Empty buses, close shops and offices. Only 4 dogs came around me and I thought that they were about to eat me! Suddenly, the police came and as they saw me they supposed I was illegal. They asked for my passport and when they saw that my husband is Greek they changed their attitude. Plus, they liked me and they send some of their colleagues to watch over the night. 4 other policemen came after a while. They were young men and they didn’t even watch me, they kept me company. We drank, we ate all together and the morning came. I could then take the first bus for Zakynthos. I thanked them honestly. I hugged all of them and wished them the best. If they weren’t there I don’t know if I would survive that night at the station…”

Georgana Nikolova Tsanga