The proposed project supports this priority by including in the work plan education and training activities, addressing different target groups, with different objectives. In particular, the project supports 6 training seminars, to be delivered in 6 different EU counties, addressing young actors and other related theatre professionals, as well as media and multimedia experts and teachers, on the genre of documentary theatre, offering hands on experiences through rehearsing parts of the FAIDRA play and encouragement to study more deeply the historical background of modern European history, as a source of inspiration for creating innovative theatrical forms. These seminars will enable the participants to gain new skills enrich their professional life and enhance their chances on the labour market. Moreover, the project leader CENTREDU is a theatre training organization, which intends to use in the medium and long term the training material to be developed by the project in its regular actors’ course, offering its students an additional feature devoted to the documentary theatre. The international “touring” exhibition foreseen by this project also supports this priority, by stimulating informal learning activities specially targeting young people and schools, offering at the same time rich education material to school teachers to exploit, amplifying the theme of modern European history and its unwritten facets. The international exhibition will offer in addition a location based-game interpreting the exhibits, which is expected to motivate the young visitors and engage them in the theme of the exhibition as well in the unfolding of the FAIDRA play and documentary theatre more generally-as a medium to understand recent history in Europe.