The FAIDRA project addresses the transnational mobility priority through a cross border mobility strategy, which brings together artists and other cultural operators from 6 different countries, to co-produce a performance and implement several other events; The transnational team implementing the FAIDRA project is dedicated to developing joint artistic activities and products spanning six different European Countries, three from the old EU member states and three from new member states, while the partnership covers a wide range of different cultures and national particularities, including north, south and central European locations. An inter cultural exchange is foreseen through research, development of a joint theatre performance; and dividing responsibilities for staging this performance among the partners, so that not only actors form all the participating countries will take part in the performance, but also other theatre professionals (stage designers, soundtrack and IT experts, costume designers etc). Besides the joint production of the FAIDRA play, transnational exchanges will be realized through a touring exhibition of documentary material explaining further and illustrating with visual material the scenario of the play; and international seminars for the discussion and exchange of experiences on the innovative
aspects of documentary theatre and the contribution of the project to it.